Mr. Cannabis Club

The Mr. Cannabis Club will be the biggest, most inclusive of all time. Every single holder of the NFTs will have exclusive access to incredible opportunities. The first NFT collection to give back funds to support Cannabis organizations. For more details on Mr. Cannabis Club, check out our RoadMap!

leafThe Cannabis Culture

This collection was inspired by cannabis culture in all its forms—from the recreational, to the artistic, to the medicinal and beyond.

This collection contains 10000 unique NFTs, each with 7 attributes of varying rarity. 42 NFTs will be Origins. Holders of these tokens will have exclusive access to the incredible perks laid out in our RoadMap. This includes royalty distribution.


  • leaf 1

    In stage 1, we hit the ground running. The collection will have a 5% royalty—20% of which will be going directly to NGOs and Associations working for Cannabis reform, freedom, and to facilitate access to cannabis-medicines. This includes awareness projects, the fight for legalization, and activism that Mr. Cannabis Club deems worthy and positive. 30% of royalties will go to the holders of the 42 origins tokens!

  • leaf 2

    In stage 2, the ecosystem begins to take shape. 1% will be distributed to NGOs and activism, while the other 1.5% to holders of the 42 NFTs Origins. We’ll also create an education and discussion forum about Cannabis, cultivation, and extraction of Cannabis derivatives.

  • leaf 3

    In stage 3, we FURTHER encourage holders. This stage is all about branding and merchandise. We’ll design and create physical products related to our shared goals, and our shared passion for cannabis. Royalties will go directly to developing, designing, branding, and marketing these products. Special discounts on these products will be given to holders as well! We'll also forge partnerships, and Mr. Cannabis Club members will have access to exclusives and deals.

  • leaf 4

    Did someone say, GAMIFICATION?! That's right, in stage 4 we'll be gamifying the NFTs. At this stage, with participation for the community, we'll be developing the project and creating a roadmap that suits the goals of Mr. Cannabis Club. We’ll also develop a social network and marketing campaign to entice gamers to our project. We will also be launching the next collection of NFTs at this time, with benefits and incentives in line with our gamer-focused approach.

  • leaf 5

    In stage 5, token holders from the first drop can distribute licensed e-commerce products. These will be franchising opportunities, with Mr. Cannabis Club products and other niche brands. Exclusive discounts and access will be offered to Mr. Cannabis Club members. Holders of the rarest 1000 tokens will have the opportunity to launch their franchise at cost.

  • leaf 6

    In the final stage of the initial rollout, we’ll be launching food products, rolling papers, filters, and more cannabis adjacent products via the Mr Club Cannabis Brand! Token holders will receive monthly royalties on the products that are styled after their tokens. At this stage, research and planning will begin for a Mr. Cannabis Club cannabis plantation, and large-scale cannabis distribution. We'll also be assembling a team of Cannabis Connoisseurs to compete in Cannabis events around the world!



Our goal is to have a voracious, engaged, and active Club. Therefore, all token holders will have voting rights to define and establish Club goals, as well as idea suggestions. One NFT held equals one vote, with no rarity differentiation Also, the number of tokens held per wallet will not affect the weight of the vote. Governance rights will be for first collection members only.

leafThe Team

Our team is made up of very successful entrepreneurs, experts in blockchain, artists and marketing veterans and NFT world enthusiasts united by passion by Cannabis.


Mr. Cannabis

Ideation and Development


Mr. Dali Cannabis



Mr. Peter Cannabis

Marketing & Operators




Mr. Cannabis are randomly generated non-fungible tokens, also known as NFTs. There are 10000 different Mr Cannabis NFTs, generated from 280 unique traits.

Mr. Cannabis can still be purchased via airdrop or in our presale on April 7th After minting the tokens, they'll only be available on OpenSea.

Yes, all Mr. Cannabis are totally unique, whose rarity you can track on raritysniper.com , after pre-sale.

Royalties are necessary to manage our community and fund RoadMap projects, adding additional value to the NFTs in the Mr. Cannabis Club collection.

To participate in airdrop you must complete the checklist without skipping any steps. Simple! You are now ready to participate.

Being a Mr. Cannabis Club membership means being the owner of an exclusive NFT—one that will appreciate in value. However, there are so many more benefits of being a holder. We suggest reading our RoadMap for more details. Amazing opportunity awaits!